Monday, November 29, 2010


Oh if you were ever wanting to try Zumba, NOW IS THE TIME!!! Lots of new choreo coming up, which means everybody (including me) is clueless! Hahahaha. Funny because its true!
BE THERE TONIGHT!! 845pm Upstairs studio.
Oh- and remember how your first class is FREE?! You really have no excuse. TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT!

Live, Laugh, ZUMBA!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Students...and cancellations. good news/bad news

All of the regulars were seriously blown away with the trio of new students that showed up last night. They couldn't believe it was their first time to our class! YEAH! Way to kill it ladies! Love new faces, fresh energy, and spreading the Zumba love!!

Remember how everyone's first class is FREE?! Yeah, I said FREE ZUMBA!

On a sad note... no Thursday Zumba through the month of November, and no Monday Zumba next week Nov. 22nd because I will be just getting home from San Francisco Salsa Congress.

Keep it coming ladies! See you in two weeks!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


ZUMBA peeps!
I am LOVING all the new blood we've had in class lately. Particularly our new special student (whose name I will not write for privacy reasons). I hope that everyone is drawing from her energy and enthusiasm! Looking back at her and seeing how excited and happy she is through every single song is completely inspiring! I love her reckless abandon while dancing, and lack of inhibition....something we often view as awkward in society, but something I think we should all try to adopt on some level!
One of my favorite things about Zumba Fitness is its ability to help me let go of stress and worries, and to throw my entire self- body and mind- into something external. But I only experience that release when I truly allow myself to fall prey to the music and movement, and to let my body move how it wants to move, and not try to force a style that is not my own. Please try it for yourself this Thursday night. RELAX! Its just DANCING!!