Sunday, July 10, 2011

If you have armpits like a man....

I feel your pain! But sometimes, I have answers. Today is one of those such days!
Allante Family Medicine is offering unlimited, yes I said UNLIMITED laser hair removal for $35 per month!! Whaaaaaat?!! If you sign a 12 month contract, you pay $35/month and $1 per zap. If you sign an 18 month contract, you get 35 free zaps, and $1 per zap over the 35. Trust me when I say, this IS a good deal. (probably not the most cost efficient if you want to do a huge area, such as legs, but armpits, chin, lip, toes, feet, bikini- definitely worth it!)
They are only accepting 200 people for this program, so call them NOW!!


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