Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Class :(

Today was the last class at the Young Living International Convention. Waaaaaaaaah!!

These people were SO. MUCH. FUN. !!! No matter their age, their dance experience, their fitness level, their gender (wooo hoooo for men that dance!), they were going full force!! Awesome energy (thank goodness, because somebody stayed out dancing salsa until 3am last night...I am not mentioning names), awesome vibe!!

I am real bummed that it's over so quickly! With the great turn outs, and positive feedback, I'd venture to say I'll see you all again next year! In the meantime, find me HERE. You can subscribe to my posts and stay up to date.
Also- I am readily available to travel for Master Classes in your home area! So to the lovely people that said they want to take me back to New York to them... I am TOTALLY GAME!! :)

Best quote of today from one of the men in class this morning: "I ran 10 miles yesterday and didn't sweat nearly this much!!" Aaaaah Zumba® Fitness. You don't even realize you're working out!!

Now I'm off to more Zumba® in SLC tonight with Diosa. Great class last night with Alice Lopez. And more salsa tonight! Great weekend... Burju is performing tonight at DF Studio. Remember my super sexy red stiletto salsa shoes? Yeah, we can thank Burju for designing those beauties, and tonight I'll watch her dance live!! I lead a rough life.
Missing my Boise people!! See you MONDAY!!

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